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Radio Interviews Today on McDonald's Health Insurance Story

I'll be doing radio interviews throughout the day on the threat ObamaCare poses to the health insurance coverage of McDonald's employees.

For those who live in these areas or which to listen to the podcasts of those stations that have them, the interviews I have already done today or have scheduled so far include:

KURV McAllen, TX 7:10 AM Eastern

WHAS Louisville, KY 7:35 AM Eastern

WTRC South Bend, IN 8:10 AM Eastern

KIDO Boise ID 8:20 AM Eastern

WSYR Syracuse, NY 9:10 AM Eastern

WDUN Gainesville, GA 10:20 AM Eastern

I'll also address the same topic on Alan Nathan's "Battle Line" radio show airing in many cities and towns across the country Saturday from 6-7 PM.

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