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A Mighty Carbon Footprint

While participants of the tea party rallies are known to leave the sites of their rallies immaculate, the same cannot be said for the left.  Case in point, today’s “One Nation” rally at the Lincoln Memorial.


This was a staging ground for some of the activists near the Washington Monument.  Too many sign?  Leave them.  Let someone else clean it up.  We’ve got a planet to save over at the Lincoln Memorial.

And when it’s time to leave?  Just leave the sign.  Can’t find a trash can?  Leave it where you drop it.  Isn’t that what we pay taxes for?  To have the Park Service pick up after us?

All those Socialist Worker tracts, now so much garbage to go into a landfill to rot for a thousand years.  It makes me wanna cry.

At around 1:30PM, the rally’s garbage began blowing into a reflecting pool of the World War II Memorial.  THIS is the outrage of the day.

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