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Tina Fey's Honor: Laughable 

David Almasi, Executive Director of the National Center for Public Policy Research, has a whimsical commentary on the Daily Caller today.  Almasi takes issue with the Kennedy Center’s decision to honor Tina Fey with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

According to Almasi, 

At 40, Fey is by far the youngest and likely the least-qualified recipient of the Twain Prize…

 Fey, for what it’s worth, gets “groundbreaking” credit for being the first female head writer for “Saturday Night Live.”  Whether that is such a big deal is questionable considering “SNL” is long past its prime.  Neither movie in which she had a lead role (“Baby Mama” and “Date Night”) were hits, and the one she wrote (“Mean Girls”) is memorable only for helping make Lindsay Lohan the celebrity she is today.  Her “30 Rock” television show is more of a hit with critics than viewers.

It’s hardly a resume fit to stand with past Twain Award recipients such as Bill Cosby, Neil Simon, Carl Reiner and Bob Newhart.

Of course, Fey may not be deserving of the award on merit, but as Almasi points out, she she has endeared herself to America’s far left.

 … Tina Fey does have one standout performance.  She was quite proficient in making fun of Sarah Palin at a time when Palin was just being introduced to most Americans.  On regular appearances on “SNL” during the 2008 general election campaign, Fey portrayed the vice presidential nominee as a simpleton. The clips went viral, and were regularly played on newscasts as part of the establishment media’s obsession with putting Palin down.

You can read Almasi’s full article on the Daily Caller website.  

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