Oral Contraceptives in Water Causing Dual-Sexed Fish?
Dec 11, 2010 at 7:43 PM
Amy Ridenour in Environment, Health Care, Media

WebMDwwhite.jpgNational Center Senior Fellow Jeff Stier was quoted Friday in a WebMD article on a report in Environmental Science & Technology.

As WebMD's Denise Mann reported, "Reports of intersex fish, including male fish with some female characteristics, led to widespread concerns about female hormones leaching into the nation’s water supply."

The report concluded that only one percent of the estrogen in our drinking water supply can be traced back to oral contraceptives. Mann added, "Soy and dairy products and animal waste contribute far more estrogen to the water supply than do oral contraceptives."

Jeff is quoted saying, in part, "There is no body of scientific evidence which leads to the conclusion that trace levels of hormones in drinking water are a contributor to human health problems, be they from pharmaceuticals or other sources."

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