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Craziest "Racism" Charge I've Heard Yet

A man in England, sick of politicians knocking on his door too often during Britain's recent national election, posted a sign in his front window saying, "Get the Lot Out."

Soon after, he was arrested for... racism.

Seems his sign was red, white and blue, which happen to be the colors of Britain's flag, which -- to the increasingly warped minds of the international thought police, implied a racial subtext.

Happily, the thought police, reasonable folk that they are, agreed to leave the 74-year-old man alone once he changed the color of some of the letters on his sign to yellow.

I read this story in a Mark Steyn column in Macleans; I'm sorry to say his column had more examples of equally totalitarian stupidity.

We Americans can at least take comfort that these place in Britain, but considering that nearly every sort of craziness that happens in Europe seems to happen to us later, I doubt we should feel much consolation.

Better we should thank our British cousins (is that racist?) for warning us about what happens when political correctness runs amok, and our Greek friends (pretty sure that's not racist) for the warning about the perils of funding generous pensions systems on borrowed public money.

Hat tip: CentreRight.

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