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Deneen Borelli to Discuss State Department Report on U.S. Human Rights Record on Fox Today

DeneenSmwBorder.jpgContinuing what has been a busy week of Fox appearances, Project 21 full-time fellow Deneen Borelli will be a guest on the Fox News Channel at 2:30 PM Eastern today, discussing the Obama Administration's report to the United Nations on the status of human rights in the United States.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has an editorial about this here.

The State Department's report can be read here (pdf). I noted with interest the following about the Arizona immigration law:

A recent Arizona law, S.B. 1070, has generated significant attention and debate at home and around the world. The issue is being addressed in a court action that argues that the federal government has the authority to set and enforce immigration law. That action is ongoing; parts of the law are currently enjoined.

President Obama remains firmly committed to fixing our broken immigration system, because he recognizes that our ability to innovate, our ties to the world, and our economic prosperity depend on our capacity to welcome and assimilate immigrants. The Administration will continue its efforts to work with the U.S. Congress and affected communities toward this end.

It's offensive that our federal government has included the Arizona law in a human rights report to the UN. That said, the wording of this shows this report is meaningless tripe. Once again, I suggest we leave the U.N. It's offensive, and it's expensive.

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