Deneen Borelli in New York Times: Tea Party Supporters in Impossible Position
Aug 27, 2010 at 11:31 PM
Amy Ridenour in Conservatives, Media, Project 21, Protests, Race

Project 21's Deneen Borelli is quoted in a New York Times article by Kate Zernike, "Where Dr. King Once Stood, Tea Party Claims His Mantle" (page A9 of the August 28 paper edition) about the Glenn Beck "Restoring Honor" rally tomorrow:

In a rally in April here at the National Mall, Deneen Borelli, a black conservative, told the crowd that Tea Party supporters were in an impossible position: 'If you are white they call you racist or a redneck. If you are black, they call you a token, a traitor, an Uncle Tom.'

Well said.

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