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National Center’s Tom Borelli on Fox Business Tuesday Night

Tom Borelli, director of the National Center’s Free Enterprise Project, is scheduled to appear on the Fox Business Network’s “Money Rocks” program on Tuesday night.  Tom will be talking about government corruption and consumer-unfriendly relationships between government and big business.

In a recent press release, for instance, Tom said about General Electric:

GE’s success in getting the House panel to vote for its jet engine illustrates its dominance over the legislative process.  Under GE CEO Jeff Immelt’s leadership, GE has become an opportunistic parasite feeding on the expansion of government.

The Free Enterprise Project is currently collecting signatures on a letter asking for GE GEO Jeffrey Immelt to resign that can be found here.

“Money Rocks” airs at 8:00 PM eastern on the Fox Business Network.  Check your local cable listings for the channel.  FBN can also be found on DirecTV channel 359, Dish Network channel 206, Fios channel 117 and Sky Angel channel 319.

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