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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Last weekend, President Obama gave a speech to the Congressional Black Caucus in which he solicited the support of black America to help him “guard the change” from those who want “to take us backward.”

Project 21 member Kevin Martin, in a press release from the black leadership network that criticized the speech, said:

President Obama has a lot of nerve coming back to black America for support now.  I have no doubt his policies are what is prolonging this recession that is hitting blacks especially hard.  And yet it’s only now when he appeals to us to come to his aid — when his back is against the wall?  I don’t think so!”

Despite those on the left who might argue to the contrary, Kevin isn’t the only black person not enthralled with the President.  In fact, a major media event yesterday showed Obama’s appeal to black America is as shaky as Kevin suggested.

At a “town hall” meeting organized by CNBC, Obama took it on the chin from Velma Hart, CFO of the veterans’ organization AMVETS.  No conservative, Hart voted for Obama’s change in 2008.  Yesterday, she told him that she is still waiting for the good times to roll.  Worse, still, she now fears the worst may be still to come.

In what must have been quite a shock to the President, Hart echoed Martin’s sentiment, saying:

“I’m exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the mantle of change that I voted for, and deeply disappointed with where we are right now.”

Hart’s full question can be seen by clicking here.

Project 21’s Martin had this to say about Hart’s comments to Obama:

This brutal skepticism from a self-described supporter confirms my earlier statements and reinforces the reality that President Obama’s policies are making life for blacks harder despite his campaign rhetoric to the contrary.  There is little sense of hope and confidence that things will get better soon no matter what the so-called experts and politicians say. 

President Obama should take this as a lesson learned:  A majority of Americans may have believed in and defended his policies in the past, but they are now tired of his partisan rhetoric and lack of results.

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