Chuck Schumer's the Hypocrite
Jan 4, 2011 at 10:05 PM
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CharlesSchumersCreativeOpinionsW.jpgSenator Chuck Schumer of New York has called on Republican Members of Congress who vote to repeal ObamaCare to give up their employer-provided health care.

Apparently believing the Congressional health care plan to be roughly equivalent to ObamaCare (it isn't), Schumer says these Members are hypocrites if they don't.

Schumer, of course, prefers government-run health care to employer-provided care, but you don't see him giving up the health coverage he gets at work. His bizarre brand of consistency applies only to the other side, apparently.

Interestingly, too, he apparently hasn't called upon Democrats who vote to repeal ObamaCare to give up their health coverage at work. Maybe he's closed his mind to the possibility that that these Democrats exist.

More fool he.

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