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Project 21's Borelli: It's "Insane" to Equate Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street

Project 21 fellow Deneen Borelli calls President Obama’s attempt to equate the Occupy Wall Street effort with the Tea Party movement as “insane… Nothing could be further from the truth.”  Deneen notes that there are fundamental differences between them, such as their vastly opposite visions of the size and scope of the government and the ignorance of the Occupy Wall Street protesters to the problems of the crony capitalism of the Obama Administration and its practice of trying to pick economic winners and losers.  She adds that, in contrast to demeanor and the violent tendencies of Occupy Wall Street protesters, Tea Party members “police our own.”  She has “not witnessed this sort of anger” that is seen regularly at leftist events at any of the Tea Party gatherings she attended or addressed.  She further calls Obama’s willingness to ally with the Occupy Wall Street radicals “very concerning” and even “dangerous.”  Joining Deneen on this 10/19/11 edition of “Follow the Money” on the Fox Business Network are host Eric Bolling and talk radio hosts Chris Plante and Garland Nixon.

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