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Project 21's Borelli: Obama's "Excessive Celebration" on Jobless Numbers

Project 21 fellow Deneen Borelli criticizes “excessive celebration” by the Obama Administration over lower unemployment numbers, noting that this presidency’s economic policies lack the “common sense” of the Reagan era and that the lower numbers are more likely due to a shrinking workforce that anything the White House has done to spur economic growth.  In particular, the Obama “command and control” agenda that allows crony capitalists to benefit and favors risky schemes such as alternative energy over shovel-ready fossil fuel projects such as the Keystone XL pipeline is ensuring the average American is most likely to continue to lose in this unsteady economic climate.  Joining Deneen on the 12/2/11 edition of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” is guest host Monica Crowley and Fox Business Network correspondent Charles Gasparino.

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