Obama's Exceedingly Warm Reception in Brazil...
Mar 21, 2011 at 1:24 PM
David A. Ridenour in Defense, Foreign Policy, Liberals, Media, Protests, White House

The Washington Post reports the "welcome offered in Brazil for Obama has been warm. Hundreds waited for him outside the theater on Floriano Peixoto, a huge public square in downtown Rio."

But Josh Gerstein of Politico reports, "Brazilians protesting the imminent visit of President Barack Obama struck the U.S. consulate in Rio de Janeiro with a Molotov cocktail Friday, prompting police to respond with rubber bullets, according to local news accounts." The protests were reportedly prompted by the U.S.'s participation in the Libya no-fly zone.

Okay, give the Post its due. It was technically correct: Molotov cocktails are known to be quite warm and hundreds of people did wait for Obama's arrival.

The spin many journalists are putting on the president's Brazil vacation - um, I mean, business trip - suggests they aren't ideologues, after all. They're partisans.

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