Vinson Ruling No Victory for Obama
Mar 3, 2011 at 5:26 PM
Amy Ridenour in ConstitutionalLaw, Government Health Care, Health Care, Retirement, WhiteHouse

Despite what you may have read in the pro-Obama press, the White House did not receive good news today from Judge Roger Vinson.

In fact, Judge Vinson upped the ante on the President by forcing the Administration now to choose between 1) agreeing to stop implementing ObamaCare unless and until Judge Vinson's decision rendering it unconstitutional has been overturned by a higher court (which may never happen), or 2) agreeing to expedite its appeal of the Judge's order to a higher court (for strategic reasons, the Administration prefers to drag out the appeals process).

The Commonwealth of Virginia, which separately, and successfully, challenged the constitutionality of ObamaCare in the courtroom of Judge Henry Hudson, filed a request for expedited review of its case before the Supreme Court. The White House has not gone along. If it does not go along in the Florida case, it must treat ObamaCare as unconstitutional, at least for now -- either that, or force a constitutional crisis by ignoring the Judge's order entirely.

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