Taking Away Choices Doesn't Help Us Make "Better" Choices
Apr 14, 2011 at 9:01 PM
Jeff Stier in Congress, Food police, Government Agencies, Government Health Care, Government Power, Health Care, Regulation, Spending, nanny state, obesity, regulations

In Boston, they’ve banned soda sales in municipal buildings. Chocolate milk is a no-no in some Washington, DC schools. And parents aren’t allowed to send their kids to school with lunches in some Chicago schools.

The Nanny-staters say they are trying to help us make better choices. Really?

As I wrote in National Review Online today,

In case after case, the administration, in conjunction with local agencies that receive federal-taxpayer dollars, is using the language of choice — but offering no such thing.

I’m afraid we’ll be seeing more of this around the country now that the Centers for Disease Control has decided to use a “prevention” fund as a slush fund to promote ineffective big-government policies.

The good news is that the House voted this week to de-fund the program. Whether the Senate follows suit is another story. Stay tuned.


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