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Let's Move. Further?

In an op-ed appearing in various McClatchy-Tribune newspapers this week, I wrote that the first lady’s  “Let’s Move” anti-obesity campaign could have been a lot worse.  I wrote,


In the year since Michelle Obama launched her campaign against obesity, she’s drawn increasing criticism from left and right. While some complaints have merits on the margins, the first lady’s efforts have been mostly reasonable and well-grounded.

It may surprise you that I’m offering (tepid) praise of the first lady’s advocacy, especially given my criticism of her White House Organic Garden,  but as I wrote,

In fact, a large part of the first lady’s campaign is centered on balanced diets, individual responsibility and limited rather than expansive government.


From the left, Michele Simon counters that the plan doesn’t go nearly far enough.  Further, she argues,

The real question may not be if “Let’s Move” is going far enough, but what role is it playing in our national agenda on solving childhood obesity?

Ms. Simon would rather see the government restrict food advertising.

One important side-note: Op-ed writers like myself do not write the headlines that newspapers usually wind up using. I certainly did not write — nor do I agree with — the headline written by the Star Tribune, “Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign is working.”

Ms. Simon is right on one point; there is no evidence that the first lady’s plan is working. My point is just that I’m pleased Mrs. Obama hasn’t gone as far as Ms. Simon and her allies on the left advocate.


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