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America Needs "Affordable, Reliable Energy"

In this “Power Panel” debate that was part of the 4/21/11 edition of “America Live” on the Fox News Channel, Project 21 fellow Deneen Borelli said access to “affordable, reliable energy” is necessary to spur the American economy and restore confidence among the citizenry, which is currently at an extremely low level.  Deneen also notes that an agenda of increased political agitation on the part of the leadership of Big Labor shows the difference between the smaller government advocacy of the tea party movement and the demands for costly benefit packages and employments assurances by unions.

She also talks about aspects of the upcoming British royal wedding and the ethics of a school experiment in which a student faked a pregnancy.

Appearing with Deneen are guest host Shannon Breem, Fox News contributor Lis Wiehl and Madame Noire editor China Okasi.

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