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King & Spalding's Interesting Take on Tolerance

King & SpaldingEvery attorney listed as working in King & Spalding's Saudi Arabia office is male

King & Spalding, the law firm that dropped the U.S. Congress as a client rather than be associated with the belief that male-female marriage is constitutional, apparently is not always so intolerant of the views of its clients.

King & Spalding's website tells us, "A substantial portion of King & Spalding's clients are located in Saudi Arabia..."

A check of the partner/attorney roster for King & Spalding's Saudi Arabia office shows a male-to-female ratio of, well, no ratio whatsoever. You'd need at least one woman for that.

Perhaps at King & Spalding, the women can marry women, but aren't allowed to drive.

Or maybe the firm just does whatever it's pressured to do, wherever it happens to be at the time.

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