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Daily Caller: CDC Funding Left Wing Activists 

If one of the goals of the Centers for Disease Control’s Community Transformation Grants is to lower your blood pressure, it won’t work; not unless you are a radical liberal. I’ve been discussing the issue on talk radio across the country and news of the grant program is getting everyone’s blood boiling.

As I wrote for the Daily Caller yesterday,

It is no secret that the government wants to change how we live. Nanny-state officials want people to exercise more, stop drinking soda and stop using tobacco. But few people are familiar with an Obama administration program that gives grants to activist organizations that support unpopular nanny-state laws.

Perhaps one reason people don’t know about this is because there has been no major news coverage of the grants until now. In fact, the only way I learned of it, was through social media. For those of you who don’t use Twitter, you should understand that it is a useful tool not only to communicate your message to others, but to follow issues that interest you. (Insert your own joke about Rep. Weiner here.) As I explained in the piece,

I wouldn’t have known about this multimillion-dollar grant program if I hadn’t followed @lgbttobacco on Twitter, and you may not have known there is a National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Tobacco Control Network funded by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) if you hadn’t read this article.

Last week, @lgbttobacco directed their followers to a CDC conference call meant to give participants guidance on “Community Transformation Grant” submissions, due June 6th. I took the opportunity to listen in. What I learned shocked me.

I think it will shock you too — as well as raise your blood pressure. But you should know what your government is doing with your tax dollars.  Read all about it here.

And please stay tuned to this National Center for Public Policy Reseach blog. I plan to continue reporting about these outrageous taxpayer-funded slush funds for left-wing activists.

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