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Al Gore's Newest Hypocrisy

IStock 000007131937StorkSm

First Al Gore used 20 times the electricity of the average American.

Then he took luxury private jets rather than flying on more energy-efficient commercial flights to promote his film "An Inconvenient Truth."

Now, he's urging people to keep it zipped when has no history of such self-restraint himself.

Speaking at the eighth annual Games for Change Festival at New York University on Monday, Al Gore, former vice president and father of four, suggested that population control is needed to curb world emissions of greenhouse gases.

"You have to have ubiquitous availability of fertility management so women can choose how many children to have... you have to lift child survival rates so the parents feel comfortable having small families," said Gore.

According to the World Bank, the current world fertility rate is 2.5 births per woman. That's nearly 40% below the fertility rate of the now broken Gore household.

The Gore fertility rate is roughly equal to the fertility rate in Pakistan, Sudan, and Ghana today; not far behind what it is in Kenya; more than double what it is in China, India, and Brazil and almost double what it is in Mexico.

But don't blame Al Gore. "Fertility management" can't have been very widely available, nor child survival rates very high, in the rough neighborhood in which he grew up... the luxury Fairfax Hotel in Washington, D.C.'s Embassy Row section.

Art credit: iStockphoto

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