AUDIO: LaDona Harvey of KOGO San Diego Interviews Steven Crowder About Jon Stewart
Jun 22, 2011 at 12:01 AM
Amy Ridenour in Conservatives, Liberals, Media, Protests, Radio

LaDona Harvey of KOGO-AM in San Diego interviewed filmmaker Steven Crowder of the National Center for Public Policy Research on June 21 about the staff of Jon Stewart's The Daily Show pressuring Crowder's manager to quit. Crowder had created a video exposing an email in which a Daily Show producer says the Daily how does not book conservative pundits. Crowder then created another video about the Daily Show's pressure on his manager.

Harvey also asked Crowder about a video Crowder filmed at Jon Stewart's Restore Sanity 10/30/11 rally in Washington in which a man, apparently irate because Crowder expressed disapproval for ObamaCare, attacked him. YouTube has removed that video from Crowder's personal website, claiming it violates someone's privacy. The assaulter's?

The three videos discussed in this interview (including the video YouTube removed) and more details about the story are available here.

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