Project 21's Borelli on Chris Christie, John Edwards and New and Costly Federal Nutrition Standards
Jun 6, 2011 at 12:28 PM
David W. Almasi in Courts, Crime, Government, Government Agencies, Government Spending, Media, Project 21, Race, Regulation, Scandals

Deneen Borelli, a fellow with Project 21, participated in a panel discussion talking about the $2 million redesign of federal nutritional standards graphics, the indictment of former vice presidential nominee John Edwards, Chris Christie’s payment to New Jersey for personal helicopter use and the Casey Anthony murder trial.

This discussion was featured on the 6/4/11 edition of “America’s News Headquarters” on the Fox News Channel.  Joining Deneen in the discussion was co-host Jamie Colby, Fox News legal analyst Lis Wiehl and New York Post columnist Kirsten Powers.

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