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The Flimsy Argument of the 'It's Not a Ban' Light Bulb Banners

LightBulbBanthebanWhiteThe argument of the people who say the 2007 energy bill does not ban incandescent light bulbs rests on the foundation that it does not ban all such bulbs, just the ones Americans overwhelmingly have chosen to buy the most.

I am reminded of the restaurant owner in Monroeville, Pennsylvania who banned people under six from his restaurant, saying they make far too much noise. Would he be able to claim that he does not in fact ban children if he allowed his own under-six grandchildren, and no other youngsters, to eat there?

If you arrived for a meal with your five-year-old, assuming he's unrelated to the owner, would he not be turned away?

Correction: The text was changed the reflect the fact that the restaurant actually bans kids under six, not 12 as I originally stated. I regret the error.

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