41 Percent of Nation Self-Identifies as Conservative, Gallup Says
Aug 2, 2011 at 6:02 AM
Amy Ridenour in Conservatives, Liberals

Gallup has released its twice-a-year analysis of what percentage of Americans call themselves conservative, moderate or liberal.

Conservatives win with 41 percent, moderates are close behind at 36 percent and liberals bring up the rear with 21 percent.

The poll is based on combined results from ten national Gallup surveys done from January-June 2011.

The analysis contains other information and is worth a look. Interesting to me was the Gallup analysis of the views of self-described independents: 44 percent moderate, 27 percent conservative and 14 percent liberal -- though what constitutes "moderate" in the minds of these voters is unstated, and probably is inconsistent.

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