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More Project 21 Reaction to Obama’s State of the Union Address

Minutes after President Obama finished his annual report to Congress, Project 21 issued a press release about how black conservatives were unimpressed with the speech due to it being “long on rhetoric and short in presenting a strategy to fix the stagnant American economy that has not improved under his leadership.”

The day after the speech, there are more Project 21 members speaking out about their disappointment in the President’s performance.

Project 21 spokeswoman Tara Setmayer said:

I don’t know what planet President Obama has been living on for the last three years, but it hasn’t been Earth and certainly not this country.  Is this guy ever capable of taking responsibility for anything?  By now he should be talking about his accomplishments, but he can’t because his presidency has been a marked failure.

Shelby Emmett, another Project 21 spokeswoman, added:

Obama, I can pick my health care without you.  I can buy light bulbs without you.  I can survive on Earth without you.  I can do virtually everything without you except protect my nation from terrorists and Iran.  So go away and fight terrorism.  That’s all we need you to do.  Pretty much everything else in your speech is called “socialism.”

Finally, Project 21 spokesman Stacy Swimp said:

Throughout his speech, Obama once again talked about big government and crony capitalism but not giving the average American and small businesses real tax reform.  He talked about jobs being created, but how many of those jobs — such as those at the Boeing plant in South Carolina — exist in spite of him and not due to his actions?  Obama chose not to use his speech to discuss reforming and repealing regulations, such as those coming out of the EPA or the Davis-Bacon Act, that are stifling job creation.  And the incessant need to create new and costly government programs.  Has he no concern about the debt?!

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