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Congressman’s Kid Faces Fraud Investigation

Less than a day after the release of a Project Veritas video showing Patrick Moran in a discussion with an undercover reporter about vote fraud strategies, police in Arlington County, Virginia announced an investigation into the matter.

Moran was a field director for his father’s congressional campaign.  He immediately resigned from his position when the video made headlines.

Arlington County Police Department spokesman Dustin Sternbeck said:

The Arlington County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office and the Arlington County Police Department have been made aware of a video released yesterday allegedly depicting Patrick Moran, former Director of Field Operations for the Jim Moran for Congress campaign organization, assisting another to vote illegally.  The Arlington County Police Department has initiated a criminal investigation of this matter.

A statement issued by the campaign called the revelations of the video — in which Patrick Moran suggested to the undercover reporter that forged utility bill should be used to overcome voter ID laws so that one may vote in the name of allegedly inactive voters — an “unfortunate situation” that “did not constitute an unlawful action.”  The statement nonetheless said the campaign “welcomes a thorough investigation.”

Representative Moran (D-VA) specifically called what happened “a tough lesson early in life” (Patrick is 23) but that he “do[es]n’t condone the actions of the right-wing organization in question.”

The duration of the investigation and if and when charges will be filed is unknown.

Even though it may be some time before the next step in the investigation is announced, Project 21 member Kevin Martin says the incriminating video is proof enough that stronger voter ID laws are needed to safeguard the voting process in America:

Patrick Moran appears to have validated every argument that Project 21 members have made about the need for strong voter protection laws — particularly those requiring photo ID.  Caught on video, Moran not only showed an interest in committing voter fraud but continued to actively speculate on how one might arrange for votes to be stolen.  This is gutter politics at its worst.

Attempts by Patrick’s father — Congressman Jim Moran — to dismiss the incident as a mere learning experience for his son or a conspiracy are not acceptable.  This incident shows that the integrity of the voting process is currently in danger from those who might seek to grab power by any and all means.

The severity of this matter is why law enforcement is investigating it and why, because the police cannot be everywhere and do everything, strong voter ID laws are necessary to ensure our democracy is as safe as it can be against fraud.

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