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Obama Has No Mandate the Conservative House Majority Doesn't Have


For once I agree with David Alexrod: the claim that President Obama has a mandate is 'foolish [and] generally untrue."

Speaking of foolish and generally untrue, Vice President Biden says the election gave a "clear sort of mandate" to the Administration on taxes.

Not possible, Mr. Vice President, as the election gave a far more "clear sort of mandate" to the lower-tax, lower-spending philosophy of the House of Representatives by re-electing its conservative leadership.

And when it comes to tax increases, as Grover Norquist pointed out on CNBC Thursday, almost all the members of the re-elected Republican majority have signed a written pledge not to vote to raise taxes -- a fact well-publicized in the conservative, liberal and mainstream (but I repeat myself) news media, and thus well known to every voter who is paying attention.

Grover also points out that the Republican House "passed a budget last year; Obama never did," so it was very clear to the voting public what the House stands for in terms of taxes and spending -- a claim the Obama/Biden Administration and its Democratic allies who run the Senate cannot make.

And although it has nothing to do with the mandate question, Grover made another point worth emphasizing: If the United States could get its business tax rate down to European levels, we'd spur the creation of a lot of new jobs, which in turn would increase tax revenues. A win-win. Why not?

Grover's interview is worth watching, and can be viewed here.

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