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Union Violence Footage Uncut - Definitely Not Safe for Work

Left-wing websites and commentators, anxious to excuse the violence and vulgarity of their union brethren in Lansing this month, have been accusing filmmaker Steven Crowder of selectively editing video of union activists' attacks on right-to-work supporters.

Steven has responded by releasing the entire uncut video, which you can see, above.

The incident in which Steven himself was attacked by a union activist appears at about the 6 minute mark.

Lookforthe UnionLabelW

Warning: The audio of this video is not safe for work or near children. The union activists were strongly sexually attracted to the right-to-work activists, especially the males, and verbalized their desires insistently and with great specificity.

This blog previously covered union misbehavior in Lansing in these posts:

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Steven Crowder is Media Fellow here at the National Center for Public Policy Research, but his work in Lansing was independent of his work for us. You can see his National Center comedy videos here, including one here from last year on "union thuggery" co-starring Steven and his brother, Jordan Crowder.

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