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Paying Down the Debt at Occupy Occupy D.C.

Conservatives Occupy Part of ‘Occupy’:

Today’s Occupy Occupy D.C. event was all about me.  All about me paying my fair share.  At least that’s what some people think.

I blogged yesterday about my bittersweet ascension to the 28 percent tax bracket, but I nonetheless wanted to heed the advice of Freedom Plaza’s other occupants to give more.  So I grabbed the loose bills and change off my dresser this morning and brought them with me in the hopes that my altruism would spur others gathering in or passing through the plaza to action.

But, I didn’t get a lot of takers.


Only one person signed a pledge to follow my example.


He wanted to give us cash, but collecting donations without police oversight is against Park Service rules.  The generous man was advised to go to to the Bureau of the National Debt.


Sky News, the Daily Caller and the local Fox affiliate showed up to cover the National Center’s ongoing free-market alternative to Occupy D.C.


Some occupiers, however, remain poor sports.  In the above photo, an occupier decided to stand in front of the camera during one of my interviews.



Back at the office, after the event, I spilled out my loose cash and donated it to Uncle Sam help pay down the deficit.  If our other friend comes through, we successfully paid down the debt today to the tune of almost $25.

Not a bad day’s work.  I feel more patriotic already.

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