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Occupy Occupy D.C.: What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

source: iStock PhotoAll good things must come to an end.  And that includes “Occupy Occupy D.C.”

Thursday, March 15 — the ides of March — is the final day of the National Center’s permit for Freedom Plaza.  The Occupy D.C. people, and the rest of the nation’s capitol, are going to miss our antics.

We are leaving the plaza by putting our work to a vote.  After 22 days of promoting a free-market message in occupied territory, how are people feeling now?

Like when we came to Freedom Plaza on day two with Valentine’s Day candies, we are getting a jump on Easter by bringing a bowl of jellybeans on day 23.  Not to eat (unfortunately) but to vote.

Who’s to blame for our nation’s current problems?  Is it the 1%?  Is it the 99%?  Or is it the politicians?  Tune in tomorrow to find out the results.  Or show up and see for yourself!

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