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Occupy Occupy D.C., Day 14: Fast Money

There was big money blowing around Washington, D.C.’s Freedom Plaza on Friday afternoon, and one lawmaker there desperately trying to get his hands on those bills.

The National Center’s “Occupy Occupy D.C. street team ended it’s third week of events with some spirited political theater.  To the amusement of passers-by the Occupy D.C. regulars alike, National Center players pretended to be unspent money pursued by an entitled lawmaker who desparately wanted to spend them.  Rather than letting the bills be saved or spent by taxpayers who earned them, the lawmaker had his own agenda.


“Please realize that I’ve already appropriated you.  Come over here and become a subsidy for a Chevy Volt!”


“Wind turbines don’t grow by themsevles!  If we’re gonna have ‘cheap’ energy, we’re gonna have to subsidize it to hide the costs.  So get in my net!”


“At last, my pretties, you’re mine.  Bailout!  Bailout!  Bailout!”


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