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Project 21’s Bishop Nedd on Obama's New Position on Gay Marriage

Most likely because Vice President Biden forced his hand and not necessarily due to any evolution of his beliefs, President Obama today came out of the closet to announce his latest flip-flop in support of gay marriage.

This decision does not sit well with Project 21 member Council Nedd II, who is also the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Missionary Church & Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of the Chesapeake and Northeast.

Bishop Nedd says his opposition to the President’s current sentiment to favor creating a new civil right at the expense of traditional marriage is not about bias or discrimination as it is about preserving the sanctity of faith.  Council says:

Opposition to gay marriage is not about hating homosexuals.  It is simply about preserving the sanctity of marriage and what our God has ordained as a blessed thing.

While New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the President’s announcement is a major turning point in American civil rights, gay marriage actually mocks the institution at the foundation of all civilization.

I preached about this very point this past Sunday.  What’s happening is nothing new in the history of the world, but our modern society is now primed for decline.  The Book of Judges in the Bible outlines the pattern that mankind seemingly never learns from.  First, social and sexual morality breaks down.  Next, the crime rate rises slowly – then exponentially.  Finally, society disintegrates altogether.  That cycle has begun again.

Council does not just dwell on the morality.  He also is appalled by the political and international facets of the Obama announcement.  He continues:

Putting aside the moral aspect of all of this, President Obama expressing his support for same-sex marriage also takes political pandering and governing by poll numbers to a new level.

It is more than just one man’s opinion when Obama chooses to use the bully pulpit of the presidency.

It’s essentially policymaking by referendum.  Obama is acting like a puppet on the string – dancing to the whims of the left-wing special interests.  Is he that beholden to them?

I recently returned from an extended stay in the Persian Gulf.  Christians and Muslims alike there believe America is at the heart of the world’s moral decline.  I would try to come to the defense of my country, blaming the French.  But, despite the fact that no one has paid attention to the French much for decades, we actually now seem to be following their lead.

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