Liberal Who Claimed We're Racist for Attending Merck Meeting Returns With Sexist Put-Down
Jun 2, 2012 at 10:33 PM
Amy Ridenour in Business, Conservatives, FreeEnterpriseProject, Health Care, Liberals, Race

The liberal who looked at Merck and saw a black guy now looks at the National Center and sees... a woman.

As Condor said (backstory here), "One of these guys is not like the others... one of these guys, just doesn't belong..."


Condor says "Merck's Frank Clyborn, who runs the company's Womens' Health businesses... is the guy she really wants to talk to -- at Merck -- not [CEO] Ken Frazier."

So the women's health products meeting is where I really belong. Conversations about ObamaCare with the company CEO are for other people... the ones who "belong."

Well, at least he's not race-obsessed today.

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