Independents Disagree With Supreme Court Ruling
Jul 3, 2012 at 1:14 PM
Amy Ridenour in ConstitutionalLaw, Courts, Government Health Care, Government Power, Health Care

An interesting finding in a new StrategyOne poll released today: Independents seem to be taking an especially keen interest in the recent Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act/ObamaCare.

According to the poll, independents disagreed with the ruling 46%-35%, a fairly, but not excessively, wide margin. However, a large intensity gap exists. 35% of independents say they "strongly disagree" with the decision, while just 12% "strongly agree." That's huge.

Also, Strategy One says, among people of all political persuasions, 43% of those who disagree say they are much more inclined to vote, versus 35% of those who agree.

Among the major parties, 66% of Republicans disagree with the ruling, while 71% of Democrats agreed with it.

Overall, according to this poll, 48% of adult Americans agreed with the decision, while 41% opposed it, so the marked disapproval among self-described Independents, to my mind, seems especially stark.

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