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Jeff Stier Discusses Mayor Bloomberg's Failure to Lead in the Fight Against West Nile Virus in NYC

On the September 12, 2012 edition of “Good Day New York” on Fox5-New York, National Center Risk Analysis Division director Jeff Stier says the Bloomberg Administration’s response to the threat of West Nile virus is “too little, too late… We need to do more.” 

Jeff says Mayor Bloomberg and his staff were too fixated on their own nanny-state agenda of regulating behavior and too mindful of the agenda of health and environment activists to act effectively during “one of the worst years” for the disease.  The government succumbed to an irrational fear of pesticides at a time when they should have been concentrating on educating the public about the risk of the West Nile virus and combating it through an effective pesticide spraying strategy. 

“The mayor should be leading,” Jeff said.  “Instead,… they are only spraying as a last resort.”

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