Try Teaching American Exceptionalism to Raise Self-Esteem
Sep 3, 2012 at 1:49 PM
David W. Almasi

Despite lots of attention and lots of money, there is still a problem of black and Hispanic boys “clustering at the bottom” in student achievement.

Project 21 member Leo G.A. Fuller has a radical idea: teach kids differently.  He’s not talking about phonics or new math, but going back to “old school” teaching that includes pride in our national origins, teaching the values of our Founding Fathers and promoting a strong interest in hard work and innovation.  Teach American exceptionalism.

Leo thinks that too many of today’s teachers are mired in a liberal miasma that rubs off on impressionable students who might be otherwise eager to learn.  He says:

Many fault the lack of advancement by so many black and Hispanic youth because of a failure to assimilate and embrace American society.

I blame a cynical and liberal-dominated educational system that would rather teach America-loathing values instead of teaching about and promoting American exceptionalism.

I think the test of time and history show that promoting American exceptionalism in the classroom allows our youth a chance to experience and embrace the value of good citizenship, cherish the sacrifices made and the hardships endured throughout our nation’s past and to develop a sense of joint ownership and shared pride in America’s future.

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