Dr. Hogberg on Fox News Channel... Again
Oct 2, 2013 at 9:36 AM
David W. Almasi in Economics, Government, Government Health Care, Health Care, Media, ObamaCare, White House

For the second day in a row, Dr. David Hogberg’s interview with Fox News Channel correspondent Jim Angle was featured on the network’s “Special Report” program.  Yesterday, the interview was featured in the program’s lead story.

This time, Angle picked up and used Dr. Hogberg’s term of “death spiral” to characterize the potential for ObamaCare to fail.  Becauase it relies on the enrollment of young and healthly people who may already be turned off by not only the high costs and cheaper penalty for not enrolling, a decision by the young to not participate could cause the costs for those already enrolled to rise precipitously.  This would make ObamaCare even more unappealing to prospects — and lead to costs spiraling out of control.

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