Another Day, Another Hogberg Interview on Fox News
Oct 3, 2013 at 11:21 AM
David W. Almasi in Economics, Government Health Care, Health Care, Health Insurance, Media, Medicaid, Medicare, ObamaCare, Retirement, White House

For the third straight day, “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel featured the National Center’s Dr. David Hogberg on the issue of ObamaCare implementation difficulties and rising costs to consumers.

In this segment that aired on 10/2/13, Dr. Hogberg points out that young people — the financial bedrock of the ObamaCare scheme — are likely not going to be happy to see the prices currently associated with their participation:

Especially 18-34 year old’s who hope to be going on the exchanges and getting a subsidy, [they] are going to be in for something of a rude shock.
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