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Sharpton Late With "Knockout Game" Criticism

For being a self-appointed leader of the black Americans, the Reverend Al Sharpton seemed to be a little late to the game when it came to denouncing the hate crime that is being called the “knockout game.”

In an apparently horrific logical progression of flash mob thievery and posted fight videos, there is a growing number of incidents in which thugs — usually younger and black —attempt to knock people out — usually older and white, and often Jewish — with one punch.  Three deaths are linked to knockout game assaults.

In one attack that led to an arrest being processed as a hate crime, a 28-year-old Trinidadian man punched a 24-year-old Orthodox Jewish man in New York City.  The victim noted that a group of men approached him while making anti-Semitic comments and mentioning the knockout game before the actual assault occurred.

With such assaults being videotaped and appearing on-line and on the news, Will Marling of the National Organization for Victim Assistance noted: “As experience shows, other kids will see this is an easy thing to do, and then it becomes groupthink.”  The man charged, however, is 28 — not a kid, not even under ObamaCare standards.

But back to Sharpton.  Allen West spoke out against the knockout game last week.  Thomas Sowell publicly spoke out against it before that.  It took until this past weekend for Sharpton to agree with black conservatives that the knockout game “is deplorable and must be condemned by all us.”

Sharpton is allegedly going to meet with other self-appointed black leaders soon to figure out a “next move.”

Hopefully, that meeting will include the NAACP.  A Google search of “NAACP” and “knockout game” found no instances of the nation’s oldest and most famous civil rights group taking the time to denounce this new wave of hate crime.  Ditto for the Southern Poverty Law Center.  But the NAACP, instead, is very concerned that students at San Jose State University charged with non-violent hate crimes need to get their charges upgraded to felonies.

Members of the National Center’s Project 21 black leadership network are speaking out about this lack of responsibility among the professional civil rights lobby and the self-appointed black leadership in the United States.  After all, when a real racial hate crime appears to have presented itself, they have failed to step up in a timely manner as they seem to do when more politically advantageous and media-friendly situations present themselves.

For example, Project 21 member Deroy Murdock — a New York City resident — said:

A brutal and sometimes fatal pattern of attacks known as “the knockout game” has become America’s latest social pathology.

This evil practice’s anti-white nature is revealed by its synonym.  This crime’s overwhelmingly black perpetrators call it “polar bear hunting.”  Unlike polar bears, the white and often Jewish victims of this mayhem are not big enough to neutralize these horrid thugs.

So-called black leaders should denounce this carnage loudly, as should all good people.  Meanwhile, police, prosecutors, judges, and wardens should do everything they can to stop, charge, try and jail these hooligans.

A decade or two behind bars might teach these punks some badly needed self-control.

Additionally, Project 21 member and Washington, D.C. native Kevin Martin said:

It seems that only after being confronted publicly by New York’s Jewish community, conservative blacks and the conservative media that Al Sharpton found the courage to condemn the rash of assaults — hate crimes — that are gripping many urban areas in America.

While Sharpton’s condemnation of the knockout game is welcomed, even as delayed as it is, the fact that the self-appointed black leadership has been silent for so long speaks volumes about their integrity.  It has also given, thus far, silent approval to those committing these mostly racial assaults.

We heard countless public statements of condemnation about the shooting of Trayvon Martin from the civil rights community, politicians, including from the President.  Yet in the case of the knockout game, these same forces have mostly been silent while the list of victims continues to grow.

The knockout game has even turned deadly in some cases.  It is time for the rest of the civil rights establishment to join Al Sharpton, Project 21 members and other black conservatives in condemning these reckless actions.

America needs an all hands on deck public condemnation of this barbaric activity.

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