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Higher Costs, Less Choice... and Those Subsidies Might Not Help

National Center policy analyst Dr. David Hogberg was featured in a Fox News Channel report on 12/2/13 about the latest bad news regarding ObamaCare.

In a segment featured on “Special Report,” it was noted that President Obama’s promise of cheaper health care is not quite as clear-cut as it seems — bordering on being a lie.  Plans are turning out to be more expensive than anticipated, choices of doctors and medical facilities are being cut and there is now evidence that officials knew long ago that the subsidies some people will rely upon to afford ObamaCare mandates might not be as helpful as needed.

In particular, Dr. Hogberg pointed out a bronze plan offered through ObamaCare could end up costing $6,000 — a cost that may be unhelpful to many Americans who may want or need the lowest-cost plans available.

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