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Obamacare: A Promise Betrayed

My newest article at The Daily Caller recounts the travails of Washington D.C. resident Natalie Powell who may lose both her primary-care physician and insurance thanks to ObamaCare.   Natalie is facing the prospect of neck surgery which, naturally, is causing her considerable anxiety.  Her anxiety got worse in October of last year,

when the D.C. Health Benefit Exchange Authority, which runs the Obamacare insurance exchange in D.C., decided that individuals and small businesses with fewer than 50 employees would not be allowed to purchase insurance outside the exchange.

Natalie, who has had her current policy through Blue Cross, doesn’t know if her policy will be sold on the D.C. Exchange. She’s contacted Blue Cross and, thus far, they have not given her a definitive answer.

If it’s not, then she’ll have to purchase a different policy. And there’s the rub: her primary-care physician is no longer accepting new insurance.

Read more here.

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