Environmental Activists Politicize Dead Bees
Jul 22, 2013 at 4:06 PM
Jeff Stier

In a piece for Politix over the weekend, I provide some much needed context to a widely reported “bee memorial” service that took place earlier in the month. 

An estimated one hundred people braved scorching outdoor temperatures to attend a memorial service earlier this month. The honorees, however, were not heroes, community figures, or even human. They were bees apparently killed by accident in Wilsonville, Ore. Deemed a “bee kill,” the insects were found dead in a Target parking lot after a pesticide was sprayed on trees infested with aphids.

Media attention to the incident has been heightened by anti-agricultural pesticide activists trying to score political points off the dead bugs.  


What happened next in Oregon may surprise you. See the full piece here:  

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