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Project 21's Derryck Green Discusses "Race Fatigue" on WMAL-DC

In an August 10 interview on WMAL, the top talk radio station in the nation’s capital, Project 21 member Derryck Green took on those who would use Trayvon Martin and the rest of black America to advance a political cause that’s not necessarily in the best interests of blacks and the values they hold.

Derryck spoke with former congressman Ernest Istook, who called “Race Fatigue” — Derryck’s recent New Visions Commentary — “very thoughtful” and “very well done.”  In it, Derryck criticizes how progressives are overusing race in order to promote politics.

During the interview, Derryck told Congressman Istook:

When you see the NAACP standing for abortion.  When you they’re standing… against voter ID laws because of transgendered Americans.  When you see the NAACP fighting against school choice.  When you see them supporting gay marriage… as opposed to maybe supporting marriage in the black community.  Maybe having programs that are targeting blacks to encourage marriage — to encourage blacks to not only marry but to have children within the bonds of wedlock.  When you see a so-called civil rights organization taking stands that… [are] almost diametrically opposed to the benefits of its constituents, you have to say that they are no longer a civil rights organization.  They are just a progressive organization that’s trying to go out and advance a politically progressive message.  And they should change their charter… They don’t represent what’s in the best interest of black America.

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