Your Government, at Work, Hurting Kids
Aug 19, 2013 at 1:21 PM
Amy Ridenour in Government Health Care, Health Care, Regulation, Regulatory Victims, Retirement, Risk Analysis

The Food and Drug and Administration considers sunscreen to be an "over-the-counter medication" and laws in many states prohibit public school students from taking over-the-counter medications at school unless their parents, and sometimes doctors, fulfill some bureaucratic requirements in advance.

So, as a practical matter, most public school kids are not able to apply sunscreen before participating in outdoor activities unless they apply it at home, before school -- which means the sunscreen will have reduced value more than two hours after the student has left his or her house.

In many if not most instances, students won't even be able to apply sunscreen before walking home, even if they walk off school property before applying it, because they can be suspended or expelled merely for the possession of an over-the-counter medication in school -- which would include keeping a bottle of Coppertone in their backpack, in their locker, during the school day.

Big government, on the job for you.

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