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More Black Conservative Comment on ObamaCare Shutdown Showdown

With just hours left on the clock before the government is forced to shut down what are called non-essential services, and with the Senate not convening until the mid-afternoon, members of the Project 21 black leadership network are talking about the unwillingness of President Obama and other members of the liberal leadership to compromise with conservatives who are ready, willing and have already passed legislation to keep the government open while also responding to the concerns of the American people about the implementation of ObamaCare.

Project 21’s black conservatives also highlight the unworkable nature of ObamaCare and how this incompetence may be by liberal design.

For example, Project 21 member Emery McClendon, a tea party activist in Indiana, said:

Harry Reid has pulled a fast one over on the public.

We can only hope that the House Of Representatives will stand their ground and stick to what Americans want.

Americans want ObamaCare defunded and or at least delayed.  They realize this monstrous law will do great harm to jobs, our healthcare system and the economy.

As citizens, we must continue to make our voices heard to those who represent us in Congress.  We have proven they will listen to us when we unite and speak up in large numbers.

A divinity student in southern California, Project 21 member Derryck Green added:

Over three years ago, ObamaCare was passed unilaterally by congressional liberals — without one bipartisan vote in support — and forced upon the American people.

This week, as the glitch-ridden state exchanges prepare to open and enroll people into the ObamaCare entitlement, keep in mind the dissension, confusion and varying insurance premium spikes that will inevitably correspond with lesser quality care.

This progressive goal was articulated by the future president back in 2003, at an Illinois AFL-CIO gathering, when he said, “I happen to be a proponent of a single-payer universal health care program.”

It must be understood that ObamaCare isn’t supposed to work — it’s likely meant to implode the health care system — the greatest system in the world — with the very specific goal of directing the nation toward the control of government-run health care.

Project 21 member Darryn “Dutch” Martin, a former federal employee, pointed out:

The same people who are forcing this law, which will inevitably destroy job creation and ultimately our economy, onto the rest of us have exempted themselves from it.  Even President Obama is even exempt from his own signature law!

Take your heads out of the sand, people!

Project 21 member Hughey Newsome, a financial expert, said:

While Washington debated the constitutionality of the ObamaCare law, there is no debating the fact ObamaCare attempts to violate the laws of economics.

The inadvertent subsidizing of health care without a true understanding of what inflates health care costs is another example of irresponsible government overreach. ObamaCare’s proponents have tried to blame exploding health care costs on doctors, insurance companies and even so-called freeloaders (per Nancy Pelosi) — but they have never been able to communicate why health care costs continue to explode.

Throwing taxpayer-funded subsidies at the problem will only exacerbate the lack of affordable health care, in spite of the law’s official title, “The Affordable Care Act.”

Other Project 21 members have already commented on the ObamaCare shotdown dilema in a press release that can be found by clicking here.

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