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More Health Care Odds & Ends

1. Administration Officials Insist There Have Been No Known Violations Of Security…Um, Uh, Hey, Look At That Cute Puppy!


Cyber-security expert David Kennedy “recently claimed that ‘gaining access to 70,000 personal records of Obamacare enrollees via took about 4 minutes.’”  Also, here is Kennedy’s testimony before the House Science and Technology Committee.

Meanwhile the White House opposed the security bill passed by the House with the support of 67 votes. According to the Administration the bill has “unfunded, unprecedented, and unnecessary reporting requirements.”  In other words, it costs too much.  


2. If You Thought Getting Into Was Tough, Try Getting Out.

Dave Petno decided to test by signing up for a plan.  He found out it actually worked.  Since it was just a test, he wants to cancel the policy.  After numerous efforts he has come to the conclusion: “I can check out anytime I want, but I can never leave.”  

Somebody call Paul Shanklin and tell him he needs to do a parody called “Hotel ObamaCare”:


3. 2014 And ObamaCare: Early Warning Sign.

Powerline’s Paul Mirengoff points to a special State Senate election in Northeast Arkansas as a portent of the things to come for ObamaCare supporters.  “The race centered on the issue of whether to continue the Arkansas’ ‘private option,” plan to expand Medicaid,” according to Mirengoff.  Candidate Steve Rockwell supported the plan while his opponent, John Cooper, opposed it.

Cooper won with 57% of the vote.  What’s should make this even more alarming for ObamaCare supporters is that Cooper is Republican, and the GOP has never before won this Senate District (District 21).

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