Project 21's Joe Hicks Talks Ferguson Live with Fox's Megyn Kelly
Nov 25, 2014 at 1:27 AM
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Amid live scenes of rioting on the screen, Project 21's Joe Hicks joins Fox's Megyn Kelly to discuss the grand jury's decision not to charge Police Officer Darren Wilson in the Michael Brown shooting case. Joe was harshly critical of the rioters, calling them "thugs," "punks" and "hoodlums." He also addressed comments by President Obama about events in Ferguson and expressed disgust that some people have compared Michael Brown to civil rights leaders in the past who were heroic figures.

Said Joe, in part:
You heard somebody behind the camera saying, 'this is justice.' Somewhere Dr. King is probably... spinning in his grave, if that's what 'justice' looks like. That tramples on the graves of all the old martyrs of the civil rights movement that really did struggle for real things, [against] real racism, real issues they were trying to overcome. And you've got thugs, and punks, and hoodlums in the street, and you've got somebody saying, 'this is justice.'

Joe and host Megyn Kelly also were joined by Ron Hosko, president at Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, in this Fox News Channel special late edition of "The KellyFile" broadcast after midnight ET on November 25, 2014.

Addendum, 11/26/14: Fox has posted a transcript of the interview, available here.
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