New Obama Cuba Policy "Setting a Terrible, Extremely Bad Precedent"
Dec 18, 2014 at 11:00 AM
David W. Almasi in Foreign Policy, Media, Project 21, Race, White House

Project 21 co-chairman Horace Cooper argued with RT host Thom Hartmann over the Obama Administration move to normalize diplomatic relations with the Cuban dictatorship.

On the 12/17/14 edition of “The Big Picture” on the RT network, Horace cited the human rights abuses and the hostility of the Castro regime toward the United States.  He rebutted Hartmann’s suggestions that American trade and tourism will soften the iron grip the Castro brothers have had on the Cuban government since the Eisenhower Administration, noting that not waiting until regime change occurs in Cuba would be “setting a terrible, extremely bad precedent, and I don’t think we should reward them while they’re alive with the behavior they’ve engaged in.”

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