Project 21's Swimp Promotes Flat Tax to Reform IRS
Mar 14, 2014 at 5:13 PM
David W. Almasi in Business, Conservatives, Economics, Government, Government Agencies, Government Power, Government Spending, Media, Project 21, Race, Spending, Taxes

Speaking on the topic of IRS reform, Project 21 member Stacy Swimp said that a flat tax is “an idea we need to… discuss.” 

Sidestepping the obvious “gotcha” question posed by the host about how the government can function should the IRS be completely abolished, Stacy said responsible reform of the tax code could effectively abolish the IRS “as we know it” while not bringing down the government altogether due to a lack of revenue.

An across-the-board flat tax, for example, could both “simplify the tax code” as well as provide a valuable service through instilling citizenship by “giving everyone skin in the game” with regard to how money is collected and spent.

During the interview, Stacy also rebutted the notion that Tea Party goals are at odds with the goals of the business community — an assumption made from too much focus on things such as the Chamber of Commerce’s push for immigration reform that is likely to end in amnesty and its opposition by Tea Party activists.

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