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Apple Transparency, Green Goals Questioned by National Center on Cavuto Show 

After being castigated by Apple CEO Tim Cook at the company’s annual shareholder meeting, Justin Danhof of the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Free Enterprise Project took to the Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto” to tell host Neil Cavuto — also a Apple shareholder — that Cook could not stand being asked “a very basic question” about the logic behind company expenses related to green activism.

Justin noted that Cook “went off the rails” when he probed Cook further at the meeting about whether Apple would consider alternative energy investment profitable and in the company’s and shareholders’ best interests if the investments weren’t subsidized by taxpayers.

In the conversation with Cavuto on 3/5/14, Justin added about Apple that “a lot of their green initiatives really are greenwashing because taxpayers foot the bill.”  This green myth is perpetuated by having former Vice President Al Gore on the Apple board of directors and former Obama Administration EPA administrator Lisa Jackson as an Apple employee as the company aggressively pursues profits.

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